Facilities managers face unique challenges when maintaining wastewater systems.  A few solutions we have built to serve our customers:


National – We work at the national level, so if you were to have an issue at ANY location, one phone call or email is all it would take to solve it.

Customer Service – We keep updating the customer every step of the way.  Real time updates are being relayed so the customer can stay informed about the work and solutions.

Indoor to Outdoor – A wastewater issue can involve half a dozen trades from indoor plumbing all the way out to the treatment system!  Let our expert team evaluate and coordinate the proper response.

Efficient Solutions – Dynamis works hard to find workable, creative solutions to save our customers money.

Wastewater Service

Wastewater Service

  •  - One Call to solve it All.  We can service your complete wastewater system indoor to outdoor.
  •  - Lift station pump repair / replacement
  •  - Grease Trap service
  •  - Troubleshooting electrical issues
  •  - Plumbing service / repair
  •  - Permitting and Compliance


  • - 24/7 Emergency response to alarms
  • - Regular data analysis of system to provide early detection before an expensive overflow occurs
  • - Affordable monitoring systems customizable to fit needs of the site
  • - Sizable reduction in maintenance costs to facility!
Treatment Systems

Treatment Systems

  • -WWTP / System Operations
  • -Construction and Maintenance to:
    • -Septic Drain Fields
    • -Sand Filters
    • -Package treatment Plants
    • -Ponds / Lagoons